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AC Milan 15 inch Laptop Bag

AC Milan 15 inch Laptop Bag

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The AC Milan Laptop Bag is upcycled from a classic kit that held little value due to its size or condition.

Hand-made with ample time and effort, the team at Unwanted FC wanted to create something for the modern day digital nomad. Keep your laptop, diaries, notepads and other essentials in one place while you're on the go. 

The laptop bag features a button for secured closure, a pocket on the inside as well as small carry handles. The bag is fully padded for protection.

*Bag Dimensions: 39cm(W) x 28cm(L)

**Suitable for up to a 15inch MacBook / Laptop measuring 35cm(W) x 26cm(L)

Sustainability Promise

From production to delivery.

We make sure that our actions as a brand promote a future that is circular. Our upcycled gear is hand-made from garments that could have ended up in landfill. Whilst packaging used is fully compostable, we also use carbon neutral shipping so that no footprints are left behind on mother earth.

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