Wanted Studio

Inspired by the start-up of UNWNTD FC (back in 2018) & the rebranding to Unwanted FC (2021); We proudly present an insight into our next project, Wanted Studio.

Wanted Studio is a sister brand to our upcycling business, where we offer value to small-to-medium sized businesses wanting to feel wanted, loved and in demand. This agency formed organically as our business had grown overtime. Working with a pool of likeminded creators, we have developed a network of freelancers with specialist skills who are eager to drive brands and businesses forward.

From Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & EDM's, to Graphic Design and Photography.

Contact info@unwantedfc.com today to find out more.

"As brand owners who have come from marketing backgrounds, we specialise in a very important field that can enable many other businesses succeed. Hence why we created the service offering - Wanted Studio."
- Kevin Chan, Co-Founder of Unwanted FC & Wanted Studio