Upcycled Wash Bag Project for Héctor Bellerín and Real Betis

An ongoing love affair for upcycling brings Héctor Bellerín and Unwanted FC together.

Bellerín comes as no stranger when it comes to social and environmental impact. Not afraid to use his voice for the greater good, he is truly more than a footballer.

We first sent product tailored to his lifestyle when he was at Arsenal. Where he found great use out of the wash bag which is inspired by carrying loose goods during the constant commute from training and games.

Héctor Bellerín & Real Betis

Fast forward to summer 2021, Bellerín signs a loan deal with Real Betis Balompié. Quickly settling into his boyhood club, Bellerín rounded up some old kits he saw laying around the changing rooms - which were either damaged or out of season.

Real Betis Bags upcycled from football kits

He hit us up to work on a project not just for himself, but for a majority of the top team.

Using what could’ve been labelled as waste by the club, and upcycling it into something purposeful has been an absolute joy. It’s easy with Héctor, we see eye to eye on production as well as consumption.

Absolutely no threads were wasted in production as each and every piece of fabric was requested to be upcycled and reworked.

Upcycling In Fashion & Sport

Labelled by Versus Magazine as the first of the "5 Things We Need to See in Football in 2022" is the need for a Sustainable Kit Culture.

Not only are fast fashion giants producing recklessly on a mass scale, pro clubs are also a culprit. With multiple kits being launched every season, it’s about time football clubs invested into more circularity before it’s too late.

Bellerín has had an instant impact on and off the field since arriving in Seville. The club launched a sustainable kit campaign this year which acknowledges the strive to be “forever green”.

Hector Bellerin, Iglesias and Ruibal from Real Betis

This is a great gesture by the club, but it doesn't stop there. 

As a global football community, we must continue preaching circular practices until our voices are heard.

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