Unwanted FC x Ultra Football: A closer look at the collection

While Australia’s love for its most played sport is ever growing, a hole in the retail market for one of the country's favourite pastimes was obvious to fans around the country. That was until Ultra Football decided to open their retail store in Sydney, 2 years after beginning life online in 2016.

Ultra Football however, is much more than a traditional bricks & mortar store. With a wide variety of products including top tier cleats and limited collection pieces, the store can also boast about their own indoor pitch, FIFA lounge consisting of 8 consoles, a barber, as well as an Italian restaurant (Zona Azurri) that broadcasts live matches. A true heaven on earth for any Australian football fan.



Ultra Football Flagship - Sydney, Australia

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Australia’s biggest football destination, putting together a collection of reworked jerseys from the 2019/2020 season. When asked why they chose to collaborate with Unwanted FC, Michael Hodgson – Marketing Manager at Ultra Football explained that,

“Ultra Football is different, unlike any other football store around the world. When we came across Unwanted FC we were all blown away by the creativity shown by them, and the fact that they, like us, were doing something different in Australia. 

Reworking jerseys and turning them into totes and other bags is an idea we see great value in and just from seeing the comments you can see that our customers loved them, with the landing page for the collection generating over 500 views via Instagram in just one week!”


Unwanted X ULTRA reworked jersey collection

It was a real pleasure for us to be able to bring something different to Ultra Football by giving new life to their end of season kits.

When we asked Michael about what actually happens to the stores’ kits that haven’t sold through after the end of a normal season, he explained that -

 “Jerseys at the end of the season usually sit there for a while until they are finally all snapped up on discount. This doesn’t happen to us too often but there will always be a couple of jerseys that we have excess in. The idea of reworking them and giving the customer another reason to buy is something that excites us.”

As football creatives based in Australia, we are curious to see if Ultra Football will expand interstate in the near future. “We’ve been working on something in regard to expanding interstate for some time now. We hope to have some news soon! It’s going to be massive.” 


Pitch at the Ultra Football store

Our team at Unwanted FC enjoyed coming together with Australia’s biggest football retailer, providing outdated kits a new chance to live on. To view the collection, hit the link below.


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