Union Berlin - The Best Atmosphere in the Bundesliga


Many of you football culture enthusiasts may have heard. A visit to the Stadion An Der Alten is well known to amaze not only internationals, but even the locals.

Union berlin fans inside stadium

Football Fans With Strong Values 

Union Berlin is widely respected by most Germans due to their heart and desire to act as a collective. It’s also the amount of ‘Berlin’ that is showcased by this football club.

During our visit, a few early moments sparked our senses to win over advocacy. Fans and staff proactively went out of the way to help us out given that we couldn’t speak German. We also witnessed a huge eye opener moment, when the stadium announcer gave a special mention before the game to away team Frankfurt for beating Barca earlier in the week.

And rather than booing their players when being announced, the Union fans gave a unique chant of approval each time. Nothing over the top, but far from offensive.

With all of this respect from the club already being showcased even before kick off, we new we were in for something special.

Bleed For Union

The team did everything as one, pressed together as a unit and stringed passes effectively. It was honestly the quickest 90 minutes we’ve ever witnessed. Majority of fans are on their feet for the most of the game, not like they have a choice to sit really.

But where do such humble roots begin for Union Berlin?

Well a huge moment occurred back in 2004, where the club almost fell out of the 4th division and into non-league football whilst fighting bankruptcy.

However, the fans weren’t going to let that happen. A ‘Bleed For Union’ campaign saw fans giving away blood to fundraise capital back into the club. Impressively climbing back up through the ranks in recent years, the hard work all seemed to work out.

 Union Berlin Stadium

The cult club is soaring in the top flight and now playing for a spot in next seasons Europa League.

Community vibes, packed out standing-stadium and beers galore. You love to see it.

A visit to an FC Union Berlin game whilst visiting the city is a must.

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