Project 2023 - Matilda's Collection upcycled by Unwanted FC

As a tribute to the Matilda's recent performances, the crew at Unwanted FC has once again put together a handful of upcycled creations, including bum bags and face masks all reworked from the iconic Melbourne street art pattern.

This kit from the 2019 Womens World Cup will always be unique to Australian football history, as it became the first unique jersey for our women to take the pitch in. Previously, the womens national team had always worn the same jersey design as the mens.

The ladies did us proud at the Olympics, and it's all positive signs for 2023 as we co-host the Womens World Cup with New Zealand.

Unwanted FC is glad to see the Women's game grow in Australia and across the world, and we want to contribute to the movement through our creations. If you've been following our journey from the last few years, this has quickly become the fourth injection of Matildas product for us, and we are still obsessed with the green and gold fabric!

Check out our full range of upcycled product , or send in a shirt today for a facelift!



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