Over The Pitch - Seoul, South Korea

While new football kits are being produced daily to meet commercial needs, we are starting to see more and more boutiques putting their focus on kits from the past.  

Having discovered Over The Pitch on Social Media, we found very similar values between our brands. From giving old football kits new life, to incorporating football with fashion. 

No doubt we had to give this place a visit when we stopped by Seoul in November 2019. Safe to say, we were in heaven within a few seconds of entering the store. 

Iconic kits from the 90's and early 2000's, with the ability to add back prints of past & present legends. 

However, we also discovered that Over The Pitch does so much more than selling vintage kits. They're on a mission to drive local football communities within South Korea, both off and on the pitch. 

Upstairs from the store there's a football cage, which is also a meetup/warm up spot for the PITCH running community. 

Football cage located upstairs from the main store. 

Over The Pitch has a great business model. Bringing together the footballing world through their engaging content, the team also works with a network of featured professional footballers. Pitch is celebrating the beauty of football apparel through streetwear and fashion elements. 

We believe that the success of their store in Seoul, a fashion forward city, will open up many additional opportunities for other locations around the rest of the world. We, Unwanted FC hope to be a part of this transition in Australia.


Recent article written in Korean by Over The Pitch on upcycling brands, including Unwanted FC: PITCH - Feature Article (Korean)




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