5 Ways to Wear Your Kits All Year Round

How many times have you opened up your wardrobe only to think, ‘I have nothing to wear!’?

The solution isn't buying new... it's about trusting your existing garments and giving it the chance to live again. Although football jerseys are generally seasonal, their life expectancy should go beyond that year, especially during a time when there's more appreciation for vintage and classic jerseys from the past.

At Unwanted FC we've put together some key looks, hot and cold, we think it's always a good time to be rocking a football shirt!



Blackburn Rovers Outfit

Let the jersey speak for itself, pair up with some shorts, crew socks & sneakers so that you're comfortable getting around.



Don’t let the cold hold you back… pullout your oversized kits and throw it over a hoodie or a crewneck! 



Tuck that jersey into your trousers like you’re a true gentlemen (off the field at least). Finish off the look with accessories such as a beanie and a tote bag



Head to brunch with your favorite kit on whilst looking smart. When it comes to jackets and coats, they can always have a killer effect on your outfit. 



Would it even be a blog written by Unwanted FC if it didn’t mention upcycling?

Get an old kit out of your dusty wardrobe and bring it back to life in a new consumable design - even if it’s in the wrong size or in a damaged condition, professional tailors can work their way around it. 


    • Go one size up for more versatile wear
    • Make heads turn with a name set
    • Go out and make memories with your kits


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