One man's trash, is another man's treasure.

Founded in late 2018 out of Australia, Unwanted FC is inspired by giving unwanted football jerseys a second life. We enjoy celebrating kits of the past, especially during a time when the gaps between football, fashion and sustainability closes in.


Besides promoting vintage football kits, we also practice the beauty of upcycling - transforming once beloved garments into new consumable designs such as tote bags, laptop sleeves, pouches and face masks.

The opportunities for a jersey to live on are endless.

We promote collections of our own, and offer our upcycling service to football fans or brands wanting to promote a sustainable message. 

Our long term vision is to have our upcycling ideology implemented on a much larger scale through working with global brands, meaning more unwanted kits given new lives, more consumers educated, and less waste ending up in landfill. 

From the two brothers and founding partners of Unwanted FC, welcome to our football boutique.